As the innovation division of Internship Success, Inc., Z University offers complete solutions to make internships most productive for all participants. ZU combines a program management system with advanced training methods and work productivity tools to assure the quality, integrity, and value of workplace learning, individual performance, and the overall experience.
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  • Recruit
  • Engage
  • Train
  • Manage
  • Motivate
  • Retain

Prepare Supervisors For Success.

In less than one hour, this multimedia orientation shows how to make interns most productive and create the best all-around experience.

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Order One DVD per Location and Guidebook per Supervisor.

Learn-To-Intern Training Course


This first-of-its-kind, three-hour course gives aspiring interns every advantage with a step- by-step Blueprint for Internship Success™ and 70 all-original supplements to put to good use.
  • Set Goals and Expectations
  • Plan and Perform Work Tasks
  • Improve 20 Workplace Skills
  • Prepare for Career Success

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Internship Success, Inc. is a social enterprise devoted to closing the gaps between classroom learning and workplace competency.

This mission is being achieved by innovating the means to modernize internships at the ground level with advanced approaches to “Experience Management” and work productivity.

ISI also has created a blueprint that cultivates economic revitalization with program “Seeding Initiatives” proven to develop and retain skilled talent.

Its key vision for systemic change is a Learning Experience Access Program (L.E.A.P.) that centralizes internships regionally, requires them to graduate,
“right-purposes” tuition to fund them, and equalizes opportunity through pay.


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